Fully-charged stock

Our e-Golf stock has been recharging and now it’s fully charged. We have e-Golf’s available
for purchase and we offer free North Island delivery so you can step into the future
right now. Start your electric future today, with our zero emission Volkswagen.

Thinking about changing your personal vehicle to an EV?

Low maintenance costs

An electric engine doesn’t have as many as moving parts, so you can say goodbye to a number of the major costs associated with running a combustion engine vehicle. Fuel, engine oil, ail filter, engine coolant are just a few of the costly inputs that an electric vehicle does not require, saving you money!


There’s no exhaust pipe, you can come see for yourself! No combustion engine, means no exhaust fumes, it’s happy, pollution free driving. 85% of the energy produced in New Zealand is renewable meaning the power you use to charge the batteries is also clean. Not to mention, no combustion engine means no noise pollution either!


Driving electric is both responsible and fun, two terms not usually used together. Owning an electric vehicle means reducing your reliability on fossil fuels ultimately helping to keep the Waikato and the planet, clean and green. The e-Golf features electric engines that are surprisingly powerful and zippy, electric doesn’t mean boring.

The start of a long distance relationship.

Hit the pedal and you’re off and running. The e-Golf is responsive, agile and fun to drive. With two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf can manage from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa – an impressive distance of 220km.


The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger that plugs into your home domestic plug socket and will charge the car overnight. In New Zealand, there are now over 60 fast charging stations which have the European standard of plug – Type 2/CCS (that the e-Golf has) that will provide an 80% battery charge in just over half an hour.


Your mind will be set at ease with the superior technology and safety features. Class-leading standard driver aids including Lane Assist, Side Assist, Front Assist with City Emergency Brake (City EB), Multi Collision Brake, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear view camera and Driver Fatigue Detection, put innovative safety technology at your fingertips.

Thinking about changing your business fleet to EV’s?

Replacing your fleet with electric vehicles is a simple and easily implemented change that can improve your corporate social responsibility. It’s everyone’s job to keep the Waikato clean and electric vehicles help to shift the attitudes of businesses and rejuvenate our beautiful region.

Stephanie Whittred

Corporate Account Manager
[email protected]
07 838 2949

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