The Grand California

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Stretch out and relax

Featuring plenty of space to take home comforts on the road, the Grand California fits beds for two adults and two children, a separate wet room and comfy living space into a safe, efficient package. The white surfaces create an airy atmosphere, helped by the optional panoramic skylights. Enjoy open plan van life wherever you go.

Fresh for adventure

A defining feature of the all-new Grand California is the separate wet room. Including a toilet, shower and space-saving sink. There’s also integrated shelving and storage for toiletries and towels. The ventilating skylight clears steam quickly and motion-sensing lights as standard add a touch of style.

Little things, big results

A simple touchpad controls lighting, water and battery levels. The dual fuel heating operates on gas or mains electricity to keep you comfortable all year round, as does the optional roof-mounted air conditioning. The solar panels and TV satellite dish are sure to bring bring those home comforts with you on the road.

The Grand California wasn’t built overnight, it’s something that took a long time to perfect. Many light bulb moments happened along the way including an external temperature-controlled shower, which is perfect for hising sand or mud off, or built in camping table and chairs so that you can eat outside where ever you may be.

Your next Grand Adventure

Grand California 600

Everything you need for your next family roadie. At approximately 6 meters long this home away from home sleeps two adults in a large East-West rear bed and two children in the loft bed. With a separate kitchen and bathroom for those extras comforts.

Grand California 680

At approximately 6.8 meters long the extra room will be sure to turn heads in the camp grounds. Sleeping 2 adults on a Olympic queen size bed sleeping North-South, with a spacious wardrobe and extra cabin room to relax.

Inspiring travels in your Volkswagen camper van

Explore New Zealand’s raw natural beauty and the magnificent landscape of Milford Sound, hike Aoraki/Mt Cook, or step into the icy world of the glaciers. Cruise the waters of the Bay of Islands, get the adrenaline pumping with adventure sports, or discover the magic of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. With so much to offer, the hardest part of your holiday planning will be deciding what to do!

Safe travels

Driving doesn’t need to be hard work. With a range of assistance systems, the Grand California has been designed to be as easy to drive as possible.

A relaxed way to make headway

Sensor-based side protection

The sensor-based side protection system monitors the vehicle sides and provides visual and audible warnings if they get too close to pillars, walls or pedestrians.

Lane departure warning “Lane Assist”

The “Lane Assist” lane departure warning system counter-steers if the vehicle begins to leave its lane unintentionally, whilst simultaneously alerting the driver with a warning sound and notification on the multifunction display.

Cross Wind Assist

As a sub-function of the Electronic Stability Control program, the Cross Wind Assist function helps you to maintain control of the vehicle during strong blustery crosswinds by automatically braking the wheels.

Grand support

ACC adaptive cruise control

The ACC adaptive cruise control system automatically adapts the vehicle’s speed to that of the car in front, maintaining the distance set by the driver. Includes the “Front Assist” area monitoring system.

Other driver assistance systems

  • Electromechanical power steering
  • “Front Assist” area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking System
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Optional tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Driver Alert System
  • Optional front fog lights with integrated static cornering light function
  • Light and Sight package
  • Hill Descent Assist
  • Hill Start Assist

When your holiday starts with parking

Optional “Park Assist” parking steering assistance

The optional “Park Assist” parking steering assistance can complete multi-stage parking into bay parking spaces. When the reverse gear is engaged, the vehicle automatically assumes control of the steering. All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and the brake.

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Traffic Alert

Provides an audible warning when reversing out of parking spaces if another vehicle is getting too close. If the driver fails to react, the system can minimise the consequences of a possible accident and, in the best case scenario, prevent an accident entirely, by applying the brakes.

“Rear View” reversing camera

The optional “Rear View” reversing camera simplifies parking by showing a limited view of the area behind the vehicle on the display of the radio or navigation system. Additional reference lines aid the parking process.

Making the drive a holiday

The Grand California carries over the advanced safety and assistance features of the award-winning Crafter, with the following as standard:

  • Front Assist to monitor your surroundings with City Emergency Braking
  • Front and rear parking sensors to help you into tight spots
  • Crosswind Assist to keep you stable in high winds
  • Driver Alert to encourage breaks on long trips

Sweet dreams

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed, than a good night’s sleep. Whether you rest your head in the 680’s fixed double bed or send the kids upstairs to sleep in the 600’s loft bed, you can sleep soundly with the comforts in the Grand California.

Let the sunshine in

During the day, two large skylights (0.70 m x 0.60 m) flood the motorhome with light. And in the evening, you can watch the stars from the dining area or even from bed. They can also be protected with mosquito nets or covered with an extendible roller blind.

Is it bed time yet?

The loft bed extends from 160 cm to 190 cm, one or two mini adventurers get their very own kingdom in the Grand California 600 and they can even climb up on a practical ladder. It’s not just a space to sleep, it’s also a cuddly corner, reading nook – and thanks to the panorama roof, even a place to watch the stars. The panorama roof can be opened and protected with a mosquito net or blacked out completely. Going to bed has never been so much fun.

Finally back in the warm

Empty roads, peaceful bays, quiet campsites. It’s great to get away when it’s not peak holiday season. Travelling is twice as much fun during the sleepy off-peak season. Thanks to the Grand California’s sophisticated heating systems, nothing can dampen this fun, even in a brisk spring breeze or those chilly autumn mornings.

Next stop: The land of nod

Regardless of what position you sleep in, the dish springs installed under the rear bed ensure the ideal level of comfort.

Everyone sleeps well here

Everyone prefers to sleep in their own bed. Your pillow has just the right amount of softness, your mattress has just the right amount of spring. Admittedly, sleeping in the Grand California is not quite a normal experience. That’s primarily down to the fact that you can hear the crickets chirping quietly. Or the waves crashing on the sand. Otherwise, everything else is just the same as at home. You even have your own bed in the Grand California. With a spacious crosswise bed, the Grand California 600 has plenty of space of peace. A generous lengthwise bed in the Grand California 680 provides even more comfort. Sweet dreams!

Lengthwise rear bed

At 2.00 m x 1.67 m and 1.90 m x 1.67m, the spacious rear bed in the Grand California 680 provides plenty of space for sleep and storage.

Crosswise rear bed

Comfort is just one of the great features of the compact rear bed (1.93 m x 1.36 m) in the Grand California 600.

Home away from home

The Grand California includes all the modern features to keep you comfortable, wherever your journey make take you. Including heating and air conditioning to keep the interior temperature just right, a sophisticated lighting design for a luxurious feel, and sockets so you can stay fully charged and in touch with friends and family.

The most beautiful meeting place

Would a home really be a home without a living room? It’s the place where everyone gets together, even if they’ve gone their separate ways during the day. It’s a place to play, read, watch films, chat or simply spend quality time together. And the same goes on holiday. For all these activities, the Grand California is equipped with a modern dining area, which offers plenty of space and a great deal of comfort.

Double the culinary fun

The two-hob cooker with sink and fold-down tap offers added flexibility thanks to a two-part glass cover.

A holiday to suit your tastes

Home-made always tastes best: The fully equipped kitchen area with a double ring gas hob and large work surface invites adventurers to whip up their own meals wherever they are. A kitchen cabinet with practical drawers and fold-out top cabinets with 42 l of storage space make sure that all your ingredients, plates, cups and other kitchen utensils are always close at hand. And the large sliding doors have not one but three benefits: They allow you to find culinary inspiration in your surroundings, they help cooking smells to escape the vehicle and they do not block your external access to the fridge, which includes a freezer compartment and 70 l capacity. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you go searching for a cool drink, ice cream or delicious slice of melon.

More space to cook

The Grand California 600 comes with two expandable panels which can be used to extend the kitchen if needs be. The Grand California 680 already comes with a larger work surface built into the bottom cabinet.

Those extra Grand touches

No uninvited guests

To make sure only invited guests come to dinner, the opening for the large sliding doors can be sealed with a custom-fit two-piece insect screen. Both screens are easily mounted in smooth-running sliding profiles for opening and closing. Sunshine and fresh air are more than welcome; mosquitoes and bugs have to stay outside.

Four walls without walls

The sun shines all day long and the beautiful calm evenings almost aren’t long enough. To make sure you can always enjoy the comfort of the Grand California outside as well, it comes with an outside dining area that can be assembled in a matter of moments. Fitted with a camping table and two folding chairs that are stowed in practical storage bags in the rear wing doors. And thanks to the extendible awning made from durable fabric, you always have an optional shady spot with you, too. It comes with a hand-held crank (that is easy to access) and in the following sizes:

  • Dimensions of the awning in the Grand California 600: 2.5 m x 3 m
  • Dimensions of the awning in the Grand California 680: 2.5 m x 3.5 m

The dream of disembarking

We’ve also made disembarking your mobile home especially easy – with an electric step. This extends automatically when the sliding door is opened, providing you with an easy way to climb in and out.

Smartphone battery? 100%

You need to take an important call. You’re in the middle of nowhere but somehow you’ve got signal. However, none of that helps when your battery has died. This will never happen in the Grand California as there are a number of sockets on board – and always exactly where you need them. So, you can plug in kettles and coffee machines in the kitchen area, or smartphones, tablets and laptops in the dining area or sleeping area, for example

  • Multiple USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Four 230V and one 12V sockets (not illustrated)

Are we there yet?

On a road trip, the journey is as important as the destination. That’s why the Grand California is equipped with the latest technology to make driving as easy as possible and keep everyone entertained.

Nothing at risk with one glance

The monochrome screen displays up-to-the-minute information such as the outside temperature, range, and average fuel consumption. It can also be used to operate the driver assistance systems and vehicle functions.

Warm hands

The optional heated leather-covered multifunction steering wheel is very comfortable and extremely user-friendly. The radio or navigation system, a mobile phone, and the cruise control system can all be controlled using its buttons.

From a travel experience to a sound experience

An unforgettable soundtrack is an essential of every unforgettable holiday. Enjoy your favourite songs in the best sound quality on every journey, both long and short.

Navigation “Discover Media” (not illustrated)

  • 3 cm (8.0 inch) TFT colour display plus touchscreen with proximity sensors
  • 4 x 20 watts output with four loudspeakers
  • SD card slot, AUX-IN jack, Bluetooth connection for mobile phones and USB port in the dash panel
  • Navigation

Ready for epic adventures?

Wherever your journey may take you, the Grand California gives you unrivalled freedom on four wheels.

To help you get the most out of your Grand California, we’ve put together a series of helpful video guides for the key features and highlights to get you on the road quicker.

Grand California 600

Special Price from $169,990* +ORC (save $11,010*)

Features of Grand California 600

  • Approximately 6m in length
  • 4 berth for 2 adults and 2 children
  • Full time 4MOTION 4-wheel drive system
  • Fridge capacity 70L
  • Fresh water tank 110L
  • Simple touchpad controls for lighting, heating, and entertainment
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and 360° Parking Aids

Grand California 680

Special Price from $173,990* +ORC (save $11,010*)

Features of Grand California 680

  • Approximately 6.8m in length
  • 2 berth for 2 adults
  • Full time 4MOTION 4-wheel drive system
  • Fridge capacity 70L
  • Fresh water tank 110L
  • Self-contained bathroom with a separate wet room
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and 360° Parking Aids

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